Life is (mostly) Problems

The first of Buddha’s Four Noble Truths is “Life is suffering.”.  For my own part, I would amend that to “Life is problems.”.  Occasionally we get the bliss of a problem disappeared, the triumphant pride of a goal achieved, and the gay frivolity of those small, incommunicably you-had-to-be-there moments with loved ones.  But mostly it’s one cluster of problems after another after another, with only a hazy foreglimpse of the great and ever-receding Day of Finishing Everything.  This is your life.  Don’t make the mistake of putting off living.  Take joy even in your sufferings and trials, as much as you are able. I’ve little practice and less skill at mindfulness meditation, but while it’s never seemed helpful for anything else, it has been excellent for achieving a pleasurable equanimity during hard and unmotivating tasks. Your mileage will vary.

Every task grows thick with flowers!
Grab your hoses, rakes, and trowels.
Your knees repose bent to the soil.
Your mind compose; tend to your toil.
Smell the roses! Blunt the thorns.
Under your nose your life takes form.


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